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Complete Order Instructions

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Choose Size:

- Check the box next to the size print you would like. Keep in mind that these sizes are common frame sizes, so framing will be as simple as possible. If you'd like a custom size, just leave the boxes blank and indicate the desired size in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form.
- You can also choose a Hi-resolution PDF file, with which you can do anything you like, including having it printed as many times as you'd like.
- You may also choose multiple sizes. Receive 25% discounts on multiple prints.
- If you would like duplicates of any one size, check the box next to the desired size and indicate how many prints you would like in the "special Instructions" section of the order form.

Choose Media:

All prints from Kai Baby Designs are Giclée prints (pronounced "zhee-clay"). Giclée prints are an art quality digital print produced on the finest printing media, using the most sophisticated ink-jet printers and processes. Giclée prints are commonly seen in museums, art showrooms and photographic galleries.

- Archival quality semi-gloss fine art paper does not fade over time and is resistant to direct sunlight. It has a satin like finish, which reduces glare. It comes rolled in a tube ready for framing.
- Stretched canvas prints come stretched on a frame with 1 1/4" thick stretchers, with image wrapping around sides of canvas.

Choose a Theme:

Choosing a theme is a great idea, especially if the artwork will be displayed in a themed room. Keep in mind these are not templates, but original pieces of art. No two pieces will be alike. You can elaborate on a theme in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form. For example, you may want to make sure we incorporate a sunset into your "Ocean" theme, this is where you would put that info.

-Select the "Custom" button if you do not see a theme you like. Simply describe what you would like in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form.

Color Template:

Choose a color template that best suits your decor or the colors you would most like incorporated into your piece. Each template represents a general color scheme. Choosing one does not mean you are limited to those colors, nor does it mean all colors will be included. Please feel free to explain more specifically which colors you would like incorporated in your piece in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form.

Special Instructions:

This section allows you to explain ANY specific elements you would like included in your artwork. It is also where you note if you would like duplicates of one size.

Shipping Info:

Please type the address you would like the artwork shipped to in this section of the order form. You may also give special shipping instructions here; for example, if you would like your print shipped Express versus our standard Priority shipping. Feel free to explain any special shipping instructions here. Note: Delivery is FREE within the Portland Metro area.

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Submit Your Order Form

When you are finished you can choose to print a copy of your order form for your records by clicking "Print Form", once your order form has printed save the form to your desktop or another accessible place on your computer.

Once you've saved the form to your desktop simply email your order form to order@kaibabydesigns.com.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments to caseyb@kaibabydesigns.com.

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Thank you for your order!
Casey, Jennifer and Kylie

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