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Our Story

Kai Baby FamilyIt all started with a very thoughtful gift.  I came home from work, tired, 6 months pregnant, and having to pee…yet again.  I was stunned to see what was filling the giant void that was above our fireplace.  It was a beautiful piece of artwork that actually complimented our eclectic décor.  My fiancé explained he had designed, printed and mounted it (using years of graphic design and print experience.)  He then explained to me that the recent ultrasound photo of our soon to be daughter was incorporated into the piece.  I couldn’t make it out at first, until he pointed out her perfect little features.  I cried and was so grateful to be able to see my baby everyday, something I had been anticipating for many months. 

Our guests love the artwork for its artistic value, but never seem to notice that our daughter is the component that makes it so special.  This is what I love about it, its subtlety.  We decided to share this gift with our friends.  We created several pieces as baby shower gifts, before it really dawned on us how much we enjoyed bringing people such joy by designing unique and custom artwork. It's the gift that everyone remembers.

As a young couple, we understand how difficult it is to afford large pieces of artwork, especially custom.  While decorating our daughter's nursery our frustration peaked, as we came to the conclusion that much of the artwork designed for children's spaces is either overly gender stereotyped, overpriced, or in other ways does not appeal to today's modern family. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion we would have to create our own artwork. We are proud to offer art for alternative themed children's rooms. Our goal is to provide meaningful, affordable, one of a kind pieces of art that allow families to preserve the most precious moments of their lives.


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